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i am geneticly immune to aids, as my people have done nothing but fuck sheep for 3 thousand years.

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sheep fucker

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FireNuke's News

Posted by FireNuke - March 9th, 2015

I forgot about this account, I've long since moved, now i make things that Don't make people cringe, you can find me on captain gantos page

Posted by FireNuke - February 21st, 2008

the firekan is no more, we changed our flash name to that of our cod4 clan, the anger force


im to fucking bone idle to change all the stuff on the page. but thats old news

or is it? ANT AND CHAD 2 =D we promise this sequel will be just like sonic 2 and spider man 2

better then the original. the jey word is fucking new guy. yaaaaaaaaay

Posted by FireNuke - December 3rd, 2007

to be honest, latley you tube has taken most of my attention, but i joined the christmas collab thingy to see if i could rekindle my old love for ng. what i found was a new born hatred for this place. i worked hard on that part, yet a bunch of arse holes st1k not to add it in. why? because of the british style humor i added to the end. i gather those against it where a group of lazy fat ugly ignorant american 13 year olds. yeah, i said it. any way, ill be back now and then, maybe, but for now, fuck this, im going to you tube.

Posted by FireNuke - October 30th, 2007

CHAD IS BACK <shoots a homeless person>


well, back to collage after half term -_- it sucks but meh, ill live with it. the nb keep slagging me off behind my back when they criticize me for not moving on. also, im slowly taking on the marvelous LadyHardcore as a pupil of flash.



FLASH FORCE! me, 8sidedcircle count evil and p3t0r have joined forces to create the newest hard core ng team. talent from across the globe unite under one purpose!

http://flashforce.invisionplus.net/ind ex.php


this is our humble forum. im sure the nb will spam our forum, but we dont want trouble :) so please dont

Posted by FireNuke - October 23rd, 2007

yeah im back, and this time, im in HD!

well maybe not but bah, im back >:)

err where to start? well its half term, i have a whole week off to study and play street fighter, not to mention my "secret flash" that mean and <blank> are working on. me and ant submited a revamped and sexed up version of the first ant and chad last weekend, it dident do as well as we had hoped, but it still did better on release then the original. it wasnt front material, but nor is a particular flash on the front page that my review got deleted of. you know which one im talking about >.>but on a less pissed off note, i love you all : D on a moar pissed off note however, due to transport issues i couldent go ot the lau gar national championships last sunday, now i have to wait another year until i can compete and pwn some people. i really want to make a warhammer 40k stop motion movie but my shitty web cam wont let me, but it does have "full motion video!" and ive made some youtube movies "chavbasher15" i lent dawn of war winter assult off a friend last week, since my brothers friend lost my copy, on that topic, i wish the twat would stop lending my games out to people >:C.

all in all, a 1337 week was last week, hope to make moar weekly topics, hopfuly i wont die :D

moar ant and chad soon

XxX chad

ps. RAR

Posted by FireNuke - October 20th, 2007




Posted by FireNuke - October 15th, 2007


hai guy's <by which i mean salt and alcoho, possibly others ( yeah thats happening)l> how are ya? its been a week since i posted. so heres a post.


nah only kidding guys.

On the internet topic, shits going great. the nuke bros have finally fucked off out of my life, accept the one i actually care about <a lan = taro nuke> But all mai flash tends to go out of sync >.> and its pissing me off. ant and chad 2 and my <lol i finally spelt my right> halo flash are being gay. the swf is really ain't in sync with the sound. But one thing thats inspiring me is alans super nuke bros meele. it kicks ass and has lots of awesomeness in it. The internet is pretty cool. sorry my grammar is so horrible im watching family guy, series 6 came out in england. booya :3

On the actual real life topic, my feet are sore as hell for some reason, dont know why, there covered in blisters D: thats all i have to say =[

i like toast.

beth <3

Posted by FireNuke - October 7th, 2007

so whats new here? not a lot to be honest. my old war with the nuke bros has ending, niether side could be arsed to fight any moar. also, me and ant are working on a few new ant and chad like things, watch out for those :3 peace out guys <hands out cake>

Posted by FireNuke - September 30th, 2007

who was your favourite character? pointless thread? i know but im in a street fighter obsession all fo a sudden :3

Posted by FireNuke - September 28th, 2007

It all started when count evil drew a picture of me being killed. i asked my self, why did count draw him self muscle bound and ribbed? [he was also standing in a really gay stance] then something occurred to me. whats this obsession with people making self portraits, whether there awesome like the ng staff pictures or not, of which there huge and beefy? are they ashamed of there masculinity to the point where they have to hide behind this false image? im not being provocative or anything, im just wondering D: