big ol weekly update

2007-10-15 15:04:04 by FireNuke


hai guy's <by which i mean salt and alcoho, possibly others ( yeah thats happening)l> how are ya? its been a week since i posted. so heres a post.


nah only kidding guys.

On the internet topic, shits going great. the nuke bros have finally fucked off out of my life, accept the one i actually care about <a lan = taro nuke> But all mai flash tends to go out of sync >.> and its pissing me off. ant and chad 2 and my <lol i finally spelt my right> halo flash are being gay. the swf is really ain't in sync with the sound. But one thing thats inspiring me is alans super nuke bros meele. it kicks ass and has lots of awesomeness in it. The internet is pretty cool. sorry my grammar is so horrible im watching family guy, series 6 came out in england. booya :3

On the actual real life topic, my feet are sore as hell for some reason, dont know why, there covered in blisters D: thats all i have to say =[

i like toast.

beth <3


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2007-10-15 15:08:39


FireNuke responds:



2007-10-15 15:14:52

Hai teh Chad =3

FireNuke responds:

hai teh alan =3


2007-10-15 17:01:14

You have feet cancer, and you are going to die.

I guess i should've eaten more toast instead of wasting time.
LOL. just a litlle joke. How've you been?

FireNuke responds:

can you die of feet cancer? and yeah im great bud, how are you?


2007-10-15 17:02:54

I could be salt of the earth, but I'm not alchohol, ha.

FireNuke responds:

i mean saltshaker clock, but your in my circle of friends now >:D <pulls you in with moar cake>


2007-10-15 18:02:17

I am fine, i guess. people keep on saying i am a retard though.

FireNuke responds:

yeah but your my retard ^_^


2007-10-15 20:01:05

Are your gonna join my contest? if so, the deadline is halloween.

FireNuke responds:

plenty of time then :3


2007-10-16 15:01:46

I gots a Halo 3 die cast sniper rifle.

FireNuke responds:

i gots a cheif action figure :3 whats your gamer tag?


2007-10-16 16:29:16

What gamer tag? I don't have an xbox. just a halo sniper collectable. :3

FireNuke responds:

<is upset now>


2007-10-17 19:05:48

Check out mah flash! it must be saved from blamming!