to hell with newgrounds

2007-12-03 17:35:02 by FireNuke

to be honest, latley you tube has taken most of my attention, but i joined the christmas collab thingy to see if i could rekindle my old love for ng. what i found was a new born hatred for this place. i worked hard on that part, yet a bunch of arse holes st1k not to add it in. why? because of the british style humor i added to the end. i gather those against it where a group of lazy fat ugly ignorant american 13 year olds. yeah, i said it. any way, ill be back now and then, maybe, but for now, fuck this, im going to you tube.


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2007-12-05 19:09:12

don't go, please don't go. :(

FireNuke responds:

alright i wo...wait dident you leave ?


2008-01-21 20:16:33

like anyone gives a shit if you stay or leave =/...

God help YouTube...

FireNuke responds:

dude what the hell i though this little hatred bullshit was over

please grow up, i dont want enemies any more.


2008-02-20 16:10:22

FireNuke could you please delte my last comment, i accidently pressed the 'Leave it' button lol XD