somthings getting on my nerves a little.

2007-09-28 17:09:21 by FireNuke

It all started when count evil drew a picture of me being killed. i asked my self, why did count draw him self muscle bound and ribbed? [he was also standing in a really gay stance] then something occurred to me. whats this obsession with people making self portraits, whether there awesome like the ng staff pictures or not, of which there huge and beefy? are they ashamed of there masculinity to the point where they have to hide behind this false image? im not being provocative or anything, im just wondering D:


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2007-09-28 17:13:50

Yeah thats a little wierd. But i will break the crowd! I am so wimpy!! I am tiny and puny!! I won't make pictures of me buff and stuff because it would be a lie!!! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!

FireNuke responds:

if i draw my self im always lanky, never buff, i dont look like that D:


2007-09-28 17:49:34

Well, if you're referring to the NG staff portraits, Street Fighter was a significant theme there, so it makes sense for most of the characters to be pretty ripped. Also, none of those would really count as self portraits other than Utah's. There are entire periods and schools of art that make an effort to idealize the portrayal of the human body. Art in general is very permissive of exaggeration.

Making a self portrait portrait that's physically stronger than the artist is not necessarily hiding behind anything. Maybe they're trying to externalize an inner beauty that they see in themselves, implying confidence and a positive image and not even necessarily arrogance. What you described is also a valid point, but I don't think it's fair to make the generalization that everyone who does those kinds of things has some sort of inferiority complex.

FireNuke responds:

hmmm you have a Good point there. but there is , im not going to name him, a person on ng who doesnt have inner beauty, yet makes him to be manly, ive seen a picture of him , he looks like hes 11. but the ng staff do have inner beauty, they rock in general. point appreciated and considered :3


2007-09-28 17:54:38

Meh, it's just funny I think. Nothing deeper than that.

FireNuke responds:

i hope so. im not saying there feeble or anything, but the only people who would think less of you if you wherent drawn buff are a bunch of faggots.


2007-09-28 18:07:48

Well, when you say "whats this obsession with people making self portraits"
I assume you mean mainly the staff ones, This is Newgrounds dude, you post a regular pic of your self and you get flammed.

Personally I think these ripped buff pictures of people are more entertaining then seeing some scrawny or over weight NG member.

FireNuke responds:

if i draw my self i dont make my self look buff :3 plus i wouldent think less of anyone if they where a scrawny little weakingly. nto to say the ng staff members are or anything.


2007-09-28 18:31:33

no, i wasn't mocking you, I was telling the truth.

FireNuke responds:

i know?


2007-09-28 19:06:17

ok. what i said as n00bish, so um............ whatever.

FireNuke responds:

yeah lets all stfu and eat cake.


2007-09-28 20:07:52

mmm........ cake.

FireNuke responds:

im with you brother!


2007-09-28 22:26:26

People on here have been drawing themselves "huge and beefy" lately mostly because the Newgrounds staff page is set up that way. Most people are incapable of an original idea. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

FireNuke responds:

im not worried about it, just curious :)


2007-09-29 01:10:52

Maybe it's an inner beauty that they see in themselves.

I know I feel better looking than I actually do :P

FireNuke responds:

true true (: